Keeps logging out

I am not happy, twice in a,week it has crashed & stopped working , I keep having to log in the device again like the first time I installed it which is time consuming.

Also if I dont buy protection plan Willis stop recording history?

My cousin has doorbell 2 and she doesnt need to buy plan, it still records?

Hi @Libby0403! This should not be happening. Once you are logged into the Ring app it should remain logged in on your mobile device, unless you log out or change your account information. Please also ensure your mobile device and Ring app is up to date. Removing and reinstalling the Ring app is another great step to try. If you are using an android device, I recommend checking for apps that might conflict with the Ring app, including VPN.

In regards to recordings, after the free trial period, recordings are only saved with a Protect Plan subscription. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: