Keeping Existing Chimes With Power Pro

I have a Ring Pro, a few months back the original Power Pro went out. We are moving to a newly built home in the next month and I will need a new Power Pro kit. From what I have read the Power Pro V2 kit completely bypasses the original doorbell chimes. I have an elderly family member who does not have smartphone access. Does this mean I will have to buy the wireless chime too if I need an audible chime in the house when no smartphone is around?

Hi @TXSAFETY. The Pro Power Kit V2 can bypass the internal chime kit, but you can also set it up so that it works with the chime kit, but helps with the regulation of power, which is what the device is designed for. You will want to make sure the chime kit inside the home is compatible first though! You can learn if it is compatible in the list we provide here. From there, you can learn how to install the Pro Power Kit V2 with the chime kit here. :slight_smile:

Thank you! Where do I get the power pro V2 at?

@TXSAFETY Of course! If you are in the US, you can purchase it here. :slight_smile: