Keep recording with motion

Is there any way to keep recording video while there is motion? I have a battery operated doorbell. It does no good to be able to see someone walking up to your door (30 seconds) and then have no idea what they do after. That defeats the whole puurpose of the device! I have an extra battery so preserving power isnt a concern of mine. It would be like having a cellphone that only gives you 30 seconds of use at a time. Dont treat your customers like they are idiots, give them control over their devices.

Great question @Toga! The duration of an event can certainly be extended by answering a notification, or live viewing, during an event. Once answered, an event can continue streaming for up to 10 minutes and will record in it’s entirety. If you miss the notification, then your Video Doorbell will record for the default recording time.

Motion frequency is a setting in the Ring app which allows you to choose the rate at which motion is captured. Check out our help center article about motion frequency to learn more about how this works. While this doesn’t extend your recording time, it will help to capture back to back events for continuous traffic within the field of view. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: