Just installed gen. 2 ring security system and have a few questions

Coming over from ADT Smartthings Hub alarm and have a few questions.

Is there a way to make the volume louder on the keypad when you’re entering the house and it’s armed ? I have the slider all the way up in the app but it is not loud enough. Also is there a way to change the tone it makes while it’s counting down? It doesn’t even sound like an alarm count down.

When I arm or disarm my system I get notifications through the app on my phone saying “ring alarm changed to armed home/away” and “ring alarm changed to disarmed” . It also sends notification when I enter the house when it’s armed saying “ring alarm entry delay started” I’d only like to get notifications if my siren is going off. Can that be done?

I believe you will always get alerts when the alarm is going off. If you want to turn off the notifications for armed/disarmed/entry, in the Ring app go to Settings > Alarm Alerts and then under the appropriate section (e-mail or push) turn off the “Mode Updates” and “Entry Delay” toggles. That’s what use.

(I also came over to Ring from ADT a few months ago)

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