Just get video of peoples backs

Can anyone tell me how to set up my ring to start recording earlier so we can see faces. We only get their backside as they walk away. Doesn’t help much.

Hi @Higgair1! Are there stairs or an incline/ step up leading to your entry way? If so, a Wedge Kit might assist with the appropriate angle to capture approaching visitors. A Corner Kit might help improve the view for a Doorbell that is mounted on a perpendicular wall. These mount accessories can be found at Ring.com/accessories.

Feel free to let us know which Video Doorbell model you have, as there are many features we can suggest! :slight_smile:

We have the Ring2 and yes we have 3 steps about 12 feet from the Ring unit.
Its already angled low so if anyone is standing we get their belly.

As long as the Doorbell is mounted at 48 inches from the ground and angled slightly downwards to capture visitors coming up the stairs, your motion should catch them arriving. I recommend also increasing zone reach or sensitivity to see if this helps.

It’s always good to ensure wifi signal is optimal, as wifi interference can hinder the reaction speed of an event and functionality in general. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing this signal strength.