Just cancelled ring because no 24/7 recording and no all camera live view on main page

Just cancelled my subscription as with most things that go big tech in the beginning they are trying to give people what they want and than big tech buys them and you get nothing. Originally I could set the sensitivity so hi that it recorded everything so I just cancelled my ring subscription because they don’t offer 24/7 recording and live view of all cameras at once. I’ll go back to my old way of watching my house with a system that records 24/7. The problem I have is that it doesn’t know good motion detection and you start to get a video of that doordash driver in your yard but it only caught 5 secs of the video not even enough to recognize anything. So false sense of security.

I have a Ring system which provides me notifications of breakins. I also have a separate system when records video 24/7.
When I signed up for Ring I knew it didn’t provide 24/7 recordings. Did you miss that in the literature? If yes, then maybe let Ring know so they can make it more noticeable.

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