Just bought indoor cam - 2 way audio is terrible!


We’ve now had our wired doorbell for a couple of months - first one had to be replaced as it was faulty. Second one is thankfully working perfectly and we were fairly impressed with Ring’s customer service.

Decided to go ahead and purchase an indoor and floodlight camera as well. We are yet to install the floodlight cam, however the indoor cam arrived today and doesn’t need installing, so I was keen to get it out the box and test it out.

We’re genuinely so disappointed. The 2 way audio is so poor. Is this normal and my expectations were too high or have we got yet another faulty Ring product?

It continuously cuts out several times during sentences when listening to conversations sat with the indoor cam.

Our broadband speed is currently at: download 32mbps… Upload 11mbps.

We were told last time when we had issues with our doorbell that are connection was very good.

We’ve tried moving the camera around our house (it’s pretty small so not many places to go!) and we’ve even sat it right next to the router just to rule out networking issues… It’s still presenting with a really awful and unclear audio. We’ve reset the camera and the router. No change.

We’re unable to understand what is being said, which I’m shocked about considering Ring products are rated as a reliable brand.

Please let me know if anyone else is experiencing or has experienced similar.

On the verge of returning it at the moment and now dreading checking the outdoor camera too.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi @KStevie. Do you have a video example of the poor audio quality that you’re experiencing? I’d be happy to take a look as having an example would be helpful so I can see what you’re hearing on your end. When attaching this video, you will need first gather the share link of the video. You can do this by going into the Event History in your Ring App and choosing to share it via email. From there, copy the link that is generated and paste the link in the body of your post. In addition, you can upload this video elsewhere, such as YouTube, and then share the link to the video in your reply. :slight_smile:

Okay thank you @Caitlyn_Ring. We will do this later today.

We ordered a replacement from Amazon which arrived about half an hour ago and this is doing the exact same thing.

The video when looking back on Ring sounds fairly clear, but externally, it sounds awful.

Myself and my partner have been testing it from various rooms, distances etc and we have no idea what is being said. The speaker just cuts everything out, so you’re hearing a sentence in 3 tiny parts with no clue what was said.

There’s literally no point in the 2 way audio at all. It’s merely just an indoor camera.

We will do a video later and see if you’re able to assist us.

I have a feeling I may be returning both units sadly but hopefully there will be a solution.

I’m also going to check the outdoor floodlight camera we purchased the other day. We haven’t had it installed yet but would hate to arrange for someone to fit it and then have to experience same thing with the audio on that one as well.



We have almost exactly the same problem with the Indoor Camera we received today. We’ve set it up successfully, but the audio from the Indoor Camera speaker is very poor, choppy and not comprehensible. The audio from the camera to the Ring app on my phone is OK.

The audio in the recorded event playback is far better than the device actually produces. That suggests to me a problem with the device’s microphone?

I tried calling Technical Support. Omar looked at my events remotely, and said our broadband (RSSI etc) looked good, so it should not be that causing the problem.

In the end the best he could offer was to monitor performance over a few days, and reply back to an emailed link if it re-occurs.

As we were intending to use this camera to monitor an aged relative, and to be able to speak to her if needed, it’s not fit for purpose.

Very disappointing, and not what we’d expected from the reviews.

Update: I just found this item via Google:

Poor Audio

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to work through all this.

Hi @gladtobegrey. The Help Center Article you find while searching on Google is definitely a good troubleshooting guide when you encounter audio concerns like this. If you ever do have the time to look through it and try out the steps listed in it, I would definitely recommend doing so. You can also follow up with our support team as well and they will be able to see that you’ve called in regarding this concern before and the advanced technical support may be looped in if needed. I hope this helps you find a solution that works for you with your Indoor Cam. :slight_smile:

We have the same problems with our indoor cameras… We actually just got sent to new cameras because they thought they were broken and they are doing the same thing. The doorbell camera audio works fine both ways buying both ways but the indoor cameras are literally just cameras because you can’t speak through the camera you can only listen. My kids and wife can’t understand a thing I’m saying And we have Comcast our Internet speed is 400mbps So I know it’s not Internet quality the cameras just suck… We’re actually looking to switch over to simply safe

We bought a whole suite of Ring security products before Christmas, but we’ve only just started installing them. So far so good on set up, but the audio quality from the indoor cam is awful!

It sounds like it is being pushed way beyond its maximum volume and is distorting so badly we can’t really understand what’s being said.

Has anyone solved this problem, please? Many thanks. MLS

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Hi @MLS11. Try checking out the troubleshooting tips and tricks in our Help Center Article here, which focus on audio and sound concerns. That’s a good place to start, and it should help you narrow down the cause of your audio concerns with your Indoor Cam. If the concern persists and you aren’t able to find a resolution, our support team can also take a deeper look. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

I see this post is pretty old but I have the same issue. just got the security kit and the first thing I did was set up the indoor camera. I attached it to a wall and the image quality is great etc but any attempt to talk to someone in the room is nasty. I have the device about 3 feet from a router and I have 1 gig internet. I have a Ring Doorbell on the same network and it works great for both video and audio so I would say that kind of rules out the network. I use the same phone to communicate to the ring doorbell as the indoor camera. To validate I installed the app on another phone and tested the doorbell and indoor camera with the same results. The audio on the indoor camera is junk and cannot be understood. Not going to return it because audio was not a major concern but will not be recommending it any longer.