Just added a stickup camera and in The app The display is upside Down. How Can i fix it?

Anyone knows how to turn the display for this new camera added?

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There is no way. You must buy the correct mount. https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/4571311426836-Remounting-Stick-Up-Cam-to-Fix-Rotated-View


This is a solution but not β€œthe” solution.

Ring should not sell a product with an included mount that has to be replaced on day 1. If Ring does not include a mount that can allow the camera to be mounted correctly right-side up then they should have the basic software feature setting of flipping the Stick Up Cam video.

I just chatted with support and Ring has the flip video setting for the indoor cams so it should be very simple to add this setting to the Stick Up Cams.

This is a feature that is all over the internet on many blogs and I have seen countless posts and requests for this feature. Seems to be a widely frustrating issue across the internet.

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