Junction box for Flood cam too large

Trying to install my ring wired flood cam to replace an existing floodlight. Unfortunately, the Ring mounting bracket does fit the existing junction box. Any ideas on how to make that work? Is there an adapter that you can get?

Hey @moffutt. While we do not have an adapter plate, could you share pictures of the current setup so other neighbors that may have ran into this can make recommendations based off of what you have? This will help other visual the best workaround for you. :slight_smile:

The location is 14 ft from the ground and I have to borrow a ladder each time. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures. Would you mind pointing me to the adapter plate that you mention so I can see whether that is what I would need?

@moffutt Sorry for any confusion in my previous post, but we do not have an adapter plate of any kind at this time. I was thinking maybe if you post pictures of the setup, this may help other neighbors come in and make personal recommendations if they had a similar situation, or are good at recommending so! Next time you get up there to get pictures, feel free to share them here or in a new thread asking for recommendations from other neighbors! :slight_smile: