Jumper placement on really OLD doorbell?

My existing doorbell/intercom is a 1987 Nutone unit. Below is a schematic of the 10 terminals inside.

To which two do I connect the jumper cable?

Thanks… Edgar

Have you got a photo of what is actually connected - ideally in the chime and at the door. It looks like power is coming in bottom right on the 2 terminals - you basically need to find 2 wires that are the same colour on both sides, and connect one to each of the power wires - likely with wirenuts. Its likely going to be a bad idea to use the jumper cable - you just need to disconnect the wires you need so the power flows straight through to 2 wires at the door.

Hi @Dworsky. What model of Ring Doorbell are you installing? There are different installation instructions and some variance in which chime kits are compatible based on which model of Ring Doorbell you’re installing. You can find a list of chime kit compatibility lists for our different doorbell models in our Help Center here.

Hi… Here is a pic of the actual wiring. Outside in my old, there are two wires that go to the buzzer button and two wires that go to the speaker.


My model is your latest wired model. Tech support said it is not compatible with my current intercom system.

Definitely not compatible, but you should be able to re-purpose the wiring so you can install it. You need to find where the transformer is that powers it - that would appear to be compatible. Identify the colours of the wires that go from it to the intercom - it looks like they are on the right, labeled ground and power transformer. Then identify the wire colours connected to the buzzer button. You then need to join one each of those to the 2 wires you found going to the transformer. It does not matter which wire you join to which.