Jamming Wi-Fi connection to intentionally disable camera

If a motion is detected and Wi-Fi signal is lost, is the event still documented? I am asking because I received a motion alert, was able to hear audio, then the signal was lost. There is now a gap in time and there was an attempt to enter the garage with no digital record. No connection issues were observed prior or following the event. I’m trying to determine if there was an attempt to break in that involved defeating the wi-fi connectivity to disable the Ring camera.

Hi @user67677. If your Ring Camera disconnects from wifi, it will not be able to finish recording and uploading a motion event. A wifi connection is required for this. I’d suggest checking the RSSI on the Device Health page to check your Camera’s connection with your wifi network.

Like many other smart devices, Ring devices may be affected by illegal targeted attempts to interfere with their wifi connection. If you have any concerns regarding your network security, we recommend getting in touch with your internet service provider.

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