It must be a better way to get this camera

I am trying to get my new surveillance camera to come on I have a problem with it do I have to have Wi-Fi but I am trying to use my phone

Why I can’t get camera on ring bell need ur help on my phone

Hey neighbors! As our devices are wifi enabled, they do require wifi to operate. To begin using your Ring devices, you must first complete the setup in the Ring app. Download the Ring app from your mobile device’s app store and then log in.

Once logged in, you will see the option to set up a new device. This will walk you step by step through the process. The last step of the setup will allow you to connect your devices to your in-home wifi. Upon successfully completing the setup, your Ring device will operate as intended and can be viewed, adjusted, and controlled through the Ring app.

If you are needing any assistance during the setup process, feel free to reach out to our support team, at 800-656-1918. :slight_smile: