Issues with only 1 camera. Offline!

We have 5 camera’s 3 spot light and 2 regular ones all outside as well as the doorbell. We have one in the peak of the house. Not sure how high up but our house is only a one story ranch. We have had issues with this camera from the start and we assumed it was because it was much higher than the others. You can not hear any audio from that camera. Well now its going on and offline but still detecting motion. However a lot of the motion events are just black when I go to look back at it. These camera’s are brand new installed within the last 3 months. Never once had and issue with any of the camera’s or doorbells. I am annoyed because if it has to be replaced that means paying an electrician more money to install another camera. We do not have a ladder tall enough to reach it to be able to reset it or a willing person to climb that high so not sure what to do.

Hi there, @Tdakes89! The best way to be sure about a mounting location and a Camera’s ability to operate there is to check signal strength there. This can be found in the Device Health section in your Ring app, as RSSI. Our Community post about RSSI helps to break down what these values mean, along with tips to optimize connection.

Our Chime Pro is a great way to extend signal, if needed, and can be found on the accessories page at I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Says is -44 which from the link you posted says its perfectly fine with that. However we are still having issues