Issues with motion sensor / lights

I’ve got two floodlight cams - one facing backyard and one facing driveway where we park.

Backyard floodlight -

I have sensitivity down as low as it will go, and have tried putting it on person only setting as well… still squirrels set it off. I’d understand a big dog… but squirrel, or specifically a single squirrel? Also, I have had to minimize the range of the lights, as they will go on and off every few minutes… no trees blowing in back yard, pretty empty lot, no movement. The other night it was foggy and the light would cut on after 2 seconds of being off. Didn’t want to annoy the neighbors so just turned it off.

Driveway floodlight -

The road at the end of the driveway picks up cars passing by, even though I have the motion zone below the level of the street (cars are not in motion zone) However, I can walk to the side door and get in without setting off camera (tried different sensitivities) or lights even at a high range for the lights. I am walking completely in the motion zone. If I walk to the front of the car it does pick it up… but if someone is coming up the driveway to break into the car, the camera wouldn’t come on. A note about this light, it is installed at 9ft, but 6" under it is a metal rail for an old sliding barn door. I’m wondering if this would hinder the sensors at all. Cant see it in the camera, but not sure how these things work.

The cameras seem to be working differently. I’ve got under -50 signal strength to both.

While I’m here - I also have a indoor cam. It would not automatically switch between night vision and daylight unless I unplugged it. So I’d unplug in the am for daylight, then would see black until I unplugged at night, and I’d hear the night vision click in. I called support and they told me the signal at -60 was too weak… ??? really? Trying to get me to buy an extender? I can stream video fine, it’s not an ideal signal strength, but if I can adjust settings and stream video… also, how is sensor that flips between day/night vision needing a signal? It should be hardwired. Anyway was disappointed, but the problem worked itself out after a few restarts.

I feel like maybe I paid a premium price for a beta product… I like the hardware but there seems to be a lot of software upgrades needed.

That’s enough for here - would love some feedback on these settings… suggestions or acknowledgement of issues and fixes in the works. I’m also posting a bit on the doorbell page because I’m having connection issues with that item as well.