Issues viewing snapshots after updating iPhone to IOS 15.0.2

I just updated my iPhone to IOS 15.0.2 and now I can’t view my snapshots when a Ring notification comes through. What’s happening: Ring alerts me with a snapshot, I slide left on the screen to view it but my only choices to pick are “Options” (Mute for 1 hour, Mute for today, View Settings, Turn off) and “Clear”. The “View Settings” option takes you to your iPhone Ring app settings which have not been changed since the getting the IOS update. It will not allow me to view the snapshot in full screen view only as a thumbtack size notification. The only way I can view the snapshot in full screen is if I catch the notification in the moment it happens and pull down on it to view. Anyone experiencing this issue?

Hi @Desiree2323. You’re referring to the Rich Notifications feature, correct? For iOS devices, you should be able to tap and hold the thumbnail to open up the full-frame snapshot.It’s also important to note that on iPhones settings, the Low Data Mode toggle needs to remain off in order for Rich Notifications to work. Check to make sure Low Data Mode is toggled off, it may have been automatically toggled back on after you updated the OS.

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