Issue with shared account, no access to the security base system

Hello All,

I’m helping my family member to setup their ring system. Everything is working with the main account, but I run into problem with the shared account.

We currently have the doorbell pro and the security base station (including sensors, and keypad). On the shared account, it will only show the doorbell pro, with no access to the security system.

Any help with the troubleshooting? I have ring system in my house, and I have no problem with the shared account. everything work

Hi @leung19. I would first ensure that the Shared User is on the correct Location. Once you have verified that, make sure that the Shared User has access to the Ring Alarm. A good way to verify this would be to arm your Ring Alarm to Home and see if the Shared User receives a notification for the Mode Change. You will also want to make sure that the Ring app is up to date.

Same issue here and i cant find any solutions