Issue with Ring Doorbell Pro

I just installed a Ring Doorbell Pro and I’ve been experiencing some issues:

Problem #1: Button press usually doesn’t result in mechanical chime ringing inside. I’ve already set the following in the app settings: Chime Type is set to “Mechanical”, and Ring in-home Chime is set to “Enabled”.
Problem #2: Ring Doorbell Pro prone to disconnect (seems to lose power) upon button press
Problem #3: Ring Doorbell Pro disconnects when I enable intercom in Live View

Please advise what I can do to fix these issues.

Setting the Chime Type to “None” seems to help with Problem #2 & #3 somewhat. The doorbell is less prone to getting disconnected upon button press & I can enable microphone from the doorbell to hear the sound from outside. Intercom worked once, but it still result in disconnection usually…

Hi @user50620. What is the voltage rating on your transformer? What is the model number for your mechanical chime kit? Do you have your Pro Power Kit installed?