Issue with Ring app on my iPhone 11 Pro Max

Is anyone having trouble with the Ring app dying before 1 minute of activation of Live view?

In fact, it is happening almost all of the time. I start the app up to review the activity and then the app closes after a few seconds. I can still still do everything but I have to restart it several times just to review 5 recordings.

I have given up on the Live view and speaking to someone at the door. It just dies.



Using Iphone 10: The live view works with my home internet but when I am at school (high school’s wifi), the “Live” view or the notifications don’t work rendering the Pro useless.

Do you know if this a wifi issue or an app issue?

It’s the WiFi. Use a VPN to get around the schools firewall settings.

This has happened to me daily since I got the iPhone 11 Pro Max, regardless of whether or not I’m connected to WiFi. Scrolling through the “Nearby Incidents” tab seems to crash the app within 30 seconds.

The kicker is that this doesn’t happen on my husband’s iPhone 11 Pro (non-Max).

Did you all find a fix for these issues? I am having the same problem with my iPhone 10 Pro Max.


I’ve also been running into an issue with the IPhone 11 Pro Max. The Desktop is fine and I have updating thumbnails of three cameras. As soon as I click on LiveView, I get the “We’re having trouble connecting to your Ring Doorbell Pro - More Info/OK” . The same results with all 3 cameras. A coworker has an IPhone 11 Pro (not Max) and it works fine. My phone works fine if I do not use the app but use Firefox to access I shared this with Ring phone support and the 1st Level tech escalated to 2nd Level who recommended I upgrade to Apple IOS 14. I did this, removed the Ring app, power my phone off and then on again and re-installed the Ring app. And I have the same results. Ring 2nd Tier washed their hands of it and recommended I take it to Apple. So now I have to figure out that.

Hi @dougenis! Thank you for trying all those steps to get this resolved. Attempting to see video via web browser is a good step, but will only show video recordings rather than live views. Removing and reinstalling the app was also a great call! As you mentioned live view working when you tried on another mobile device, this rules out many factors and narrows down to mobile device, Ring app, and communication variables.

Please also ensure there is not a vpn enabled, or any apps operating at the same time that might conflict with the Ring app, or even take up your mobile device processing power. Testing video connection with your mobile device connected to wifi only, and on mobile data only, will help to discover if one connection is more efficient than the other.

If the above does not help with live view on any of your Ring devices, try using the Rapid Ring app, which is designed for the quickest access to a live view. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: