Issue resetting Ring Doorbell (Generation 1)

My Ring Doorbell (1st Generation) locked up and wasn’t responding. This has happened before, and I usually just reset the doorbell then reset it up. However, today, it is asking me to enter a 5 digit device PIN. Help documentation on the app says it is located near the QR code on the device, but there is no PIN number. There is no option to bypass this screen. Does anyone know what to do to continue setup?

Hi @mjcarte. Interesting. Would you be able to share a screenshot of where you are seeing this in the Ring app? You should be able to select the doorbell and tap on the Device Health tile to reconnect to wifi. A pin is usually only required on new devices for 1st time setup. Did you reset the device or did you completely remove the doorbell from the Ring app? Hopefully we can figure this out!