Is under eaves enough protection stick up cam

Hi all

I am looking to change out my present security system in the Ring Stick Up cameras (no lights)I am a little concerned about them not being weather proof. Would you consider an under eave placement enough protection from heavy rain? If not could anyone please link to a suitable weather protector

Help appreciated

Mine work well outside without any protection and in the sun all day.
You said you were changing your system. Can I ask what type you had before?

Yes you can…I had ARLO and would not recommend them to anyone. Customer service is zero and they do not play nicely with apple devices

I have had a ring door bell for ages and I am more then happy with it

Thanks, I like to know how other systems compare. And I’ve heard this before about Arlo. I have many Ring devices and I haven’t really had any issues myself with them. Hope you have the same experience as myself.