Is this supposed to happen?! (Doorbell 4)

Hi experts!
We have recently changed from Nest to Ring, and we have the doorbell 4. We are in the free trial of the subscription right now.

Is it right that the historic view just skips to each hour? Ie you can only view random times back during the day, and not the whole day.
Yesterday somebody drove onto our driveway and came to the front door (didn’t ring the bell) and this wasn’t captured at all when I looked back through the day (even though other more minor motions further away was captured)
With nest we could rewind to any minute during the day and I assumed you would be able to with ring too - could someone assist please? Thank you so much!

Hi @user11426. You should be able to “scrub” through the days recordings in your Event History Timeline. If you are noticing that you are missing recordings, you can visit here to learn how to optimize your Doorbells recordings. Let me know if this helpful!