Is this correct?

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Ok we have several cameras around our home. A not so normal layout admittedly. In a couple of places a cameras field of view is including a camera working in a totally different area. The pic below shows a view of one of our outside walls. You’ll see right hand side a glowing light. This is a wired Spotlight cam pointed to the end of the house and a detented area. Why am I seeing this light? Is this normal? It has to be something with the IR. You cannot see it with your eyes. Zero light there now.
I have checked and triple checked the controls. Is this normal? Like for the camera To pick this up? When I go out the only thing I see is the red led. We have two places like this. Just kinda wierd. Lol.

@Arkar Yes basically its IR light that the camera can pick up but not your eyes. The red LEDs you see are the IR emitters, to the naked eye all you will see is that faint red glow.

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Thanks bemak187.
I figured it had to be something like that. But didn’t know for sure.
That (glowing) light was the last install.
I’ve seen this on one other area. But not as distinct as this. That one is barely in view whereas this one is wide open in view.
I thank you again!