Is there going to be a Windows App release coming after the 2.5.8 version?

It doesn’t appear that their has been a release for the Ring Windows App for a while. The version I have is 2.5.8 which I understand to be the latest release. My understanding is this version is at least 4+ years old. IF that the case, can someone let us know when a new version will be available that at least includes some of the recent features released in the Android and iOS mobile apps. like Camera Grouping and Event History Timeline.

That is the latest update. I think it came out last month. The date you see is the release of the very first version. They come almost every month or so. They’ve been adding new features as time goes on as well. Sadly, they can’t tell you what’s coming or when like most companies. They will tell you here if new features are rolling out though. There a thread on here if you look around. I don’t have a link saved for it or if post it. If I find it at some point I’ll post it here though. Hope this helps.

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Thanx… If you do find the link and can post it here, that would be greatly appreciated.

I was able to find that thread. You can find it here, make sure to subscribe to it so you’ll get the latest Ring news in your email.

Also here is the full list of subjects you can also subscribe to if you’d like to.

Hope this helps.

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