Is there ANY way to convert the Video Doorbell 2 to POE?

So soon after purchasing my Video Doorbell 2, there’s no way I’m going to upgrade to one several hundred dollars more in order to power it over Ethernet (attaching a network cable to it in order to give it power AND faster speed). Sadly, I have learned that the Ring Doorbell is pretty much useless if you want to interact live with visitors. We have Spectrum as our Internet service provider. We have the highest speed you can purchase before going up to a business-class account. There are two people living in our home and unless we’re streaming a TV show, our Internet speeds should be consistently at full or near-full capacity. Yet, just to answer a ring via the app takes at least 45 seconds. - Is there no adaptor available to give this thing POE access? I understand we could wire it for power, (it’s currently on battery), but it’s more the network features we’re in need of. 98% of the time, when someone rings and either of us attempt to answer, even from a computer that’s connected directly to a router, the people ringing have left by the time we get a live feed. Has anyone else expereinced this?

Sorry to hear about this experience @jdnorris01. Video quality is often related to connection, which can include speeds, router, and mobile device. You mentioned having a high tier speed package, which is great and should provide quality video as intended. In addition to speed, signal strength (RSSI) is an important variable to consider as it will determine connection time and video quality.

Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing signal strength to your Ring device.

Excellent work testing this on both your mobile devices and computer. If the above does not lead to improvement in connection, I recommend trying out the Rapid Ring app which is designed to grant you quick access to live views. Feel free to also check out our Stick Up Cam Elite, which is another one of our POE capable devices.