Is there any product that doesn’t have a subscription?

I purchased my devices on Amazon and nothing stated that there was a subscription required to do its basic functioning, I.e record past events. Is there anything that will record on all devices for less than 100? Money isn’t an issue, deception is.

They come with a 30 day trial period - meaning videos are stored during those 30 days. You will still get notifications of movement if you don’t subscribe to a plan after the 30 day trial but you have to be right there with the phone to see the movement and there is no recording of that movement. You can get the basic plan or the Protect Plus plan (more expensive). You can just get the basic plan and after the 1 year anniversary of the device, consider the Protect Plus which gives additional bonus of extended warranty. The basic plan does not offer this.

Hi there, @Hughes1790! All of our Ring devices are a one time purchase, and incur no ongoing or mandatory fees or costs. We do offer an options Protect Plan subscription, which features many great benefits for your Ring devices.

As @trail-explorer mentioned above, if you purchase a Ring Camera or Video Doorbell, your videos will not be recorded without a subscription, and live viewing of events will be necessary. All of our devices can be operated without a subscription, the Ring Smart Lighting and Alarm System included. Although, I recommend considering all of the great benefits of our Protect Plans to see if one fits your needs. :slight_smile: