is there a way to turn off "record motion" on multiple cameras at once?

I have 3 indoor cams & a doorbell pro. I see there’s a “snooze motion” icon on top but it snoozes ALL of the cameras (indoor & doorbell). I have 2 cameras in high traffic areas of my home & when i’m in the house i’d like to have the option ofturning off the recording of the indoor cameras in a group WITHOUT it also turning off the doorbell camera. Currently there’s no option to stop recording on a group of cameras. You either have to snooze them all & then “un-snooze” the doorbell individually OR individually turn each indoor camera off. On my old amazon cloud cams i could turn them on & off in groups via the iOS shortcut app.

Hey @Adrock1492! You will find great interest in our new Modes feature, which allows you to control your Ring devices based on a customizable mode. Modes includes a Home, Away, and Disarmed mode, in which Disarmed will disable cameras if you choose it to. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I don’t see “modes” in the ring app. On the reference articles you linked me to it says it’s for Ring ALARM & I do not have the alarm. Just the wired cameras & a doorbell.

Hey @Adrock1492. Per our Community post, this feature started to roll out in November, and should reach all our neighbors this month! Check out our help article from to learn even more about this feature. Make sure to keep your app up to date and utilize this feature when it become available to you.

You should ask Ring if the recordings stop when you snooze them. If the indoor cams operate like the floolight cam, you are still bineg recorded when you walk in the sensor zone of the cameras even when they are on snooze.


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@dude The snooze mode ONLY turns off the notifications. Its sililar to opening the individual cameras setting and turning off the “motion alerts.” There is a “record motion” switch that you can turn on/off and in the off position it disables the camera from recording any motion.

Adrock1492 - where is the option to turn off motion detection completely?

from the main dashboard click on the 3 dots to the right of any of the cameras viewbox. It should open a dialoge box and click settings. You should see 2 switches on the top right of the camera settings page. The top one turns off the recording, the one under it ONLY turns off the notifications (aka snooze).

That option isn’t available on the floodlight camera. The 2 switches at top are Lights on/off, and motion alerts on/off for floodlight :frowning:


Ive just installed ring stick up battery camera. I really want to be able to have a way of stopping recording when my wife is at home. I think modes will allow me to do this but I don’t have a modes option In app? Also is there an alexa skill that will let you put it in and out of this mode, or is there any geo fencing options at all?



On the iOS app (i assume its similar on other op systems apps)… from the main"Cameras" page click the 3 dots on the top right of the camera box (i have 4 cameras so each one has its own box). It will open a dialogue box at the bottom of the app. Hit “settings”. You can turn off “RECORD MOTION” (the top option). It will ask you to confirm. That will stop the cameras from recording & the video feed will turn black. Do the same steps to turn back on.

Thanks Adrock,

I’m aware of that setting but my plan is to add a 2nd camera in the next few days and also I don’t want my wife to have to keep going into the app, just want to be able to say an alexa command that will stop all camera from recording or geofencing but I don’t think ring have geofencing.
However the modes option talked about in this thread sounds like maybe what I’m after if it can be controlled by alexa or geofencing?

i dont use alexa (i’m a Mac/siri user) but i have 3 cameras & a doorbell camera & currently there’s no group “turn off recording” and its a pain in the butt. I have to turn off each individual camera in the app every time. I haven’t used geofencing since i keep the location services off. Sorry i can’t help you more.

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When is this “Modes” feature coming? We are well into January and this feature was not on the last app update from just two weeks ago.

I’m trying to figure that one out too not having to go through each one in three rooms to turn off three cameras one at a time manually is there an easier way

Yes, go to “Settings”, then under “Location Settings,” select “Modes.” From there choose the mode you want to edit. All of your devices should show up there and you can then choose what you want each one of your devices to do when you turn on that mode.

For example, in “Home” mode you might want to turn off all motion and recording for your inside cameras, but leave your doorbell and exterior cameras detecting motion and recording.

that is not a feature i am seeing on my Ring App for the iOS operating system. My options under “Settings” - “location Settings” are “Users” & “Neighborhood” only (see screen shot). Users is JUST the name of my account & “Neighborhood --> Alert Preferences” only allows me to schedule an on/off time for alerts.