Is there a type of "hood" to attach to my Ring doorbell in order to stop glare from my porch light?

I love my Ring doorbell, but I struggle with video quality at night because my doorbell is hardwired about a foot and a half below my porch light. I leave my light on at night, each night. My problem is that when there is motion detected at night all I can see is the glare from my porch light. Are there any hoods or accessories available to help with this problem?

Good question @Hollidarko182! At this time there is not an accessory like that on, however, there are Wedge Kits available. Depending on the circumstance, a wedge might help to angle your device slightly downwards to avoid too much light from above.

If the wedge does not look to be a solution for this, perhaps explore a DIY cover solution, keeping in mind your Doorbell’s field of view and motion detection needs. Feel free to also add this as a feature request in our Feature Request Board! :slight_smile:

It appears that Etsy may have come to the rescue here. Go to their website, and search for ring doorbell cover, or hood, and scroll thru the ingenious assortment of handy solutions!
Score one for bespoke craftiness!