Is there a short in my ring video 2nd gen video doorbell

As you know, a pushbutton is used to complete a momentary circuit that would energize your chime solenoid to activate a little hammer like plunger that would hit you chime creating the chime noise. So, if you took a ring doorbell camera 2nd gen that has two connections on the back that you would connect the bell/transformer wires to and press the button on the camera, you would get the same result. Well, it doesn’t happen. So, I proceeded to attach my ohmmeter leads to the two connections in the back of the camera thinking that when I pressed the button on the camera, I would see a reading on the ohmmeter. I didn’t. Instead, as soon as I connected the two leads from the ohmmeter to the connections on the back of the camera, i got a reading on the ohmmeter without pressing the button which on other devices might indicate a “short” or an “open” I continued and pressed the button on the camera and it had no effect one way or another on the reading that was on the ohmmeter. My camera works and I can access it with both my tablet & Alexa Echo 5, SO WHY CAN’T I ACTIVATE OUR CHIMES BY PUSHING THE BUTTON?

Hi @Zuko. It sounds like you may need to make some changes in your Ring app. For you in home chime to function properly, you’ll need to have the in-home chime settings properly reflected in the ring app. This Help Center article here has information on how to navigate to that menu. Also, be sure to check our list of compatible chime kits to ensure compatibility. I hope this information helps!