Is there a setting to slow down the recording like 30 seconds before motion is triggered?

So we’ve had issues with rats outside who like to go upstairs where our neighbors leave out trash in our building stairwell. My fiance was coming up the stars and screamed when she saw the rat, but she did not trigger the motion of the door until like 30 seconds later. Is there a way I make the camera record save the footage like 30 seconds prior to motion being detected? It seems like that the phototage prior is heavily sped up to the point its useless.

Thanks in advance, I just bought this Ring Peephole system this week, only a few days into using it.


Hi @AaronMeyers. I believe you are referring to the Snapshot Capture feature. You can learn more about this feature in this Help Center article here. Snapshot Capture takes multiple pictures to fill in the gaps between motion events. I hope this information helps!