Is there a security mount for 2020 version of doorbell with solar charger?

I’m looking to get 2020 version of doorbell and solar charger and chime. We will install doorbell on a concrete pillar 20 feet outside my front door. Is there a security mount, bracket or casing when using both doorbell and solar charger products ? My Wi-Fi does have range and a strong signal. I already have an outdoor camera using a solar panel.

Hi @SosaGonzalez24. No there is no specific installation mount needed when using the Solar Charger as it is a mounting bracket itself with the solar panels built-in. I will mention that installing the Doorbell that far from your front door may cause some connection difficulties as we typically recommend the Ring Doorbell be installed no more than 20-25 feet from the router at most. You’re welcome to try it, but know that you may experience some connectivity concerns when you have a great distance between your Ring device and the router. :slight_smile: