Is there a night mode? How can I create one? Siren sounding in the morning

Hi, wondered if anyone can help.
I’ve set up the ring alarm system, but I’m struggling with how to work it for when we go upstairs to sleep. If I set it to “away” before I go to bed, then walk downstairs in the morning, presumably the motion detector will detect me and the siren will go off, which I don’t want. How can I change this setting??
I really do not want the siren going off unless it is a genuine emergency.

I understand I could make sure that I put the code in before I get to the motion detector, but there would definitely be days I could forget this.

Any help?

There are 2 modes, Home and Away. For each you can set which devices, when tripped, will cause an alarm.
For Home, I’d recommend having the Motion detectors Off. That way when home you won’t accidentally set off the alarm.
When Away, have the Motion detectors On.
So at night, put the alarm in Home mode.
Here’s more info. Arming, Disarming, and Setting Modes on your Ring Alarm – Ring Help

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