Is there a history of wifi connection dropouts?

Hi, I have almost daily drops from the house WiFi when the Ring base unit goes to mobile backup. Is there a history log for this so I can show Virgin Media that there’s an issue with their router (as i presume there is) ?
Otherwise I get fobbed off with bots on their chat site assuming there’s no issue.
Thanks !

No logs are kept for customers.

ok thanks, that’s annoying.

There is an Alarm History in your Ring app. By visiting the Menu > History, and tapping the Alarm tab, you can view all of your Alarm history.

If you visit the Ring app > Menu > Devices > Alarm Base Station, you can view a History tile specific to the Base Station. This history should show events such as cellular backup, batter backup, and connection restored. :slight_smile:

Hi and thanks for the reply.
Unfortunately that only logs the alarm being armed and disarmed through the mode schedules - there is nothing there for the cellular backup, etc…
I guess i shall have to screenshot every time i get notified.