Is there a good way to connect multiple POE ring cameras together?

Hi. I need to replace a POE/NVR camera system that still works, but is now obsolete. Looking at a Ring solution but don’t know how to hook multiple POE cameras together to one port on the router? I have cat5 cable already on my existing system that I’d like to use (they connect with an NVR that I want to eliminated and go cloud based). I’m not a techie and dont understand the ring elite “adapter” and cant plug in a dozen cameras to an outlet or router…Ring support has not been able to help. Hoping someone here can help and break it down to my novice level.

Has this been answered? Looking for the exact same thing…. I have an old NVR and have multiple cat six runs throughout the house. I would like to be able to just hook a ring camera up to each one of these existing cat six wires. Is this possible?