Is there a 30v to 5v converter for Ring 2 keypad

I had an old alarm like most and it’s hard wired.
I have now have the Ring Alarm gen 2 and want to hardwire the keypad instead of running a long wire on the wall to an outlet.
The old wire from the Alarm reads 30 volts.
Is there a converter for the Ring Gen 2 that convert from 30v to 5v for the keypad?

When it comes to powering your Ring Alarm devices, we often advise to use the included power source that came with your Alarm devices, if possible. For batteries this can vary, of course, but for the plug-in adapters (i.e. Base Station & Keypad) the included components are best used for intended experience. With that being said, the output of the Keypad power adapter is 5V 1A, in which you can indeed use an exact equivalent charger for this. :slight_smile:

Please note, as you mentioned using a converter, it is not advised to alter or use your Ring devices in anyway not intended by design.