Is the chime sound removed from recorded video?

Hi this is a random question, and it’s not effected anything with our installed ring doorbell…but my other half wanted to know.

Does the ring doorbell remove the external chime sound from the recorded video, when someone presses it? As we never hear it in the videos, but noticed peoples videos posted to YouTube etc always have the sound. The chime works, but we just never hear it in videos etc.

For example we just had a delivery driver ring the bell, and if we listen to the recording afterwards, you can’t hear any sound on the video when the external chime is sounding…sound then resumes as normal after the chime has finished.

Thank you

Hi @ShadowMoses. As of now, the Doorbell ring sound that comes out of Doorbell when rung is muted in the recordings. :slightly_smiling_face: