Is the Car Cam legal in the state of Texas?

After watching the video on the upcoming Ring Car Cam I noticed that installation requires attachment to the front windshield. Does anyone know if this would be legal in the state of Texas?

Hi @SteveMichael. We would recommend that you verify the local laws and regulations in your area by contacting your local law enforcement agency.

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Hi @SteveMichael. According to this website The Dashcam Regulations In Each State - Fleet Management Solutions by GPS Trackit,-
“In Texas, drivers are prohibited from taking action that obstructs or reduces the driver’s clear view. Dashcams can be used in Texas but they cannot adhere to windshields.”. The law is almost the same in my state of Massachusetts, but I just stripped off the adhesive from the windshield mount and put one of the spare adhesives on the end you stick between the windshield and dash. It stays in place and nothing is attached to the windshield. It works fine.

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