Is the $100/yr Plus plan really being replaced in 2025 and moving us all to $200/yr Pro plan?

Today I received an email detailing that my Ring Protect Plus Plan is being renamed the Ring Protect Plus (1st Gen). The email said “Don’t worry, everything else is staying the same”. And then I noticed a pesky little footnote at the end of the paragraph. Against my better judgment, I followed that footnote to the bottom of the email. In a much smaller font, I read that in 2025, my $100/yr plan will magically become $200/yr.

Really? I don’t want Ring to bring Eero into my house. I don’t want cellular internet. So what exactly am I getting for a doubling in price?

I know what I’m going to get: a new alarm company.

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Agreed. It was not a well constructed email in terms of transparency… In the main body of the email it says “Don’t worry, everything else is staying the same.” But then they hide critical conflicting information that in fact it is NOT staying the same. In fact, it’s doubling in price, with no added value…

I have three years to figure out an alternative (unless they change it again), and I know now not to add any more Ring products to my security setup.

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They up the price to $200 is the time I delete my account. I have had ring door bell and spot light. Yes t hey both work but not impressed the video monitoring part.

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At one location, that I self-monitor, I have five camera devices which are all included in my Protect Plus (1st Gen) annual plan. I don’t have an Alarm system at this location. Prior to the addition of the last (5th) camera, I previously had each of the previous four cameras on annual Protect Basic plans – so I saved some money by changing to the Protect Plus (1st Gen) plan with the addition of the 5th camera.

I don’t desire (or need) any of the additional features advertised under the upcoming Protect Plus plan. Changes to my account indicate that I will be automatically be rolled over into the new plan after 2025. If it would cost me less to have all five camera devices with their individual Protect Basic plans, I’m hoping that Ring will afford me this option. I think more clarity on payment options are warranted in advance of the proposed payment plan changes, particularly for Customers like me who do not have an alarm system under a current Protect Plus (1st Gen) plan.

Dear Ring:

please let folks who don’t buy the new stuff to keep their $100 plan, even beyond 2025.

In 2025, you’re basically just doubling to those who don’t get the new hardware with all the new bells and whistles. There’s no added value unless I get the new base station by 2025.