Is Ring Doorbell turning out to be the worst buy of my life

I am starting to regret the day I ever heard of “RING” products, and Ring Support.

Spent a small fortune on Cameras and doorbells for both mine and my daughters house.

Currently have the Doorbell 3 that is driving me totally nuts. All setup correctly and I get notifications, the problem is too many notifications.

My daughter just walked out the door, Ring notified me that someone was at my door, I look at my phone and on the ring app, its showing I have 17 Notifications.

Go into the app and there is actually only 1 notification, on the doorbell camera.

I have uninstalled the application, rebooted the phone then installed again, and the problem persists.

I am not happy to call support as their stock answer seems to be uninstall then install again.

I have cleared all notifications,

The Camera has been reset
Application reset
Using Samsung S21 Ultra - All updates are current.
Nothing quirky in my setup, in fact its more less as it is installed.
I have acknowledge all the “New Feature” notifications, so its not them.

No matter what I do, 1 physical notification will generate loads of notifications on the phone.

The Ring product just seems to be totally unreliable and I am losing faith in it. As its all “months” old, I am inclined to send it all back for a refund on the basis that its not “fit for purpose”.

I don’t have any other apps that will generate numerous notification counts like the Ring App does, just totally mad.

How many out there are suffering the same fate?

I do not have this issue but I do have the notifications way after someone has come to the door or if they run up there is NO notification or video at all. I also agree that the application is very unstable and regret my purchase of this system. No updates to firmware of software for some time now.

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Hi neighbors! We have a similar thread regarding this concern here, which does have an accepted solution that directs you to contact our support team for further assistance with this. You can contact support at one of these phone numbers so they can assist with looking into this more in-depth with you.