Is pro power kit required?

I purchased the Ring Pro doorbell in Australia with 24V transformer.

I have no existing doorbell however I would like to hardwire a chime in the circuit for when no wifi. Do I require the Pro Power Kit?

Also should I choose a digital or mechanical chime?

Hey @ian37. When it comes to mechanical or digital chime kits, it is up to you on what kind you will like. Please ensure that you get a chime kit that is compatible with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. After you have a compatible chime kit set up, you can learn about how to install the Doorbell Pro to the chime kit here. Please note that a Power Pro Kit is required for all Doorbell Pro installs!

Why is a Pro Power Kit required when connecting a Ring Pro directly to a transformer? What is the function of the Pro Power Kit? What does it do? And - what is it really?

Hi @DenverHR. The Pro Power Kit is designed to ensure that the Ring Pro gets the proper amount of voltage. It regulates the current to keep your Ring Pro powered and online. I hope this helps.