Is my Ring Pro eero base defective or is it really this buggy? Need Advice Please

I have ditched old cellular system since my rates kept rising and for a few other reasons. Originally I was with Livewatch but Brinks purchased them and decided to go with Ring.
My ring alarm pro package recently arrived, I installed everything and my total devices are:
x1 Ring Alarm Pro EERO Base
x8 Door Windows Contacts
x3 Keypads
x4 Motions
x2 Water Freeze Sensors
x2 Fire Listeners
x4 First Alert Carbon/Smoke Detectors
x1 Z-Wave Extender
x1 Ring Doorbell
x3 Ring wired outdoor cams
I also have the ring pro monitoring.

Here is the list of my issues, I am too new to the system to know what actually is working and what isn’t as well as if there are any bugs with some of these features not working or is it possible my base station is defective. I have talked to Ring support several times and even EERO support. The seem to just read scripts off their screens and I get no where. I am very frustrated.

Issue 1: After everything was set up and tested I decided to simulate an internet outage after all this is why I paid more for the Pro, to have cellular backup. The ring portion does work but only the ring, nothing else can use the cellular data as promised such as doorbell working on cellular backup or any other devices. In the ring app it says “Running on cellular backup with limited functionality” It also states I must agree to opted in for additional data charges if I want other devices other than ring to use cellular data which I have done. Now here is the buggy part, in the ring app it insinuates that I need to go to the EERO app to choose which devices can use backup cellular internet when my broadband is out. I click the button to go to the eero app and it says Cellular Ready but I have no data or data plan even with a red exclamation point. When I press that option it then says “You don’t have any available data for your cellular internet service.” But I do because it shows I do in the ring app and I have already used some of my cellular data in testing. I also forgot to mention I have the check mark in the ring app turned on for doorbell devices to work when on cellular. I have tested and the doorbell has no connection when my broadband is unplugged nor can I access it from the ring app, but can control the ring alarm system through the app. I will attach screen shots if it allows me.
Issue 2: my LED light not the ring light but the little led on the pro base station just flashes continuously. In the manual it says this means the base station is updating but it has done this since first plugging the unit in fresh out of the box.
Issue 3: I wanted just to check out the Secure Plus features of the eero, I cannot sign up from within the app or on the website of eero. It just flashes and goes back to my account screen when I click “Upgrade to Secure +”
Issue 4: I have toggled to turn off the LED on the base station as well as the volume to silent. The LEDs stay on bright, and the sounds are full blast no matter what I change.

I know this is a long post but I felt it important to include every detail. Anyone else test these features and do they work?
Where do I go from here? Is my base defective, do I demand a replacement unit?
I am still within my 30-day return period and ready to send it back for something like simplysafe.
Please let me know your experience so I can compare with my system and issues.

The first time your Base Station connects to the internet, it will automatically begin a software update, which may take a few minutes. During the update, the light ring on your Base Station glows blue with a spinning yellow indicator. Once the ring is solid blue, the update is complete.

It sounds like you are doing every correctly here, per this Alarm Pro setup Help Center article, and the screenshot examples you provided also look proper. An update can take longer than expected depending on variables such as network connection and attempted use during the update. Allow it some time without testing, to see if the update completes as intended.

When changing settings or using the Ring app, please ensure there is not a VPN enabled on your mobile device. Here’s another resources with great tips on Cellular Backup and Data.

As always, our support team is happy to provide a more in-depth look at your concerns, if needed. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

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My software update LED has been on for days now. I even tried resetting the entire system back to factory and had to add all the sensors and devices back and it still is just flashing away. I will contact support again and see what happens. Thank you for your reply.

mine randomly fails over to cellular and stays there until i remove it from the eero network by replacing it with a separate router and then put it back in again. Eero and Ring support are both confused and don’t know anything about the product.

CASE FINALLY CLOSED… I received my replacement Ring Alarm Pro Base Station today and everything finally works as advertised!!! If anyone else has a little flashing white LED not the big middle ring but the EERO little white LED that is flashing for days/weeks you more than likely have a bad base station. Took me several hours to get everything set back up but it works perfectly. I was ready to send everything back.
Now it was a little painful to finally get a someone to approve a replacement but I was persistent and now am a happy customer. Take care!


Thank you for returning here to provide this update, @jdh724! This will definitely help other neighbors with similar concerns who visit this thread. :slight_smile:

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I have recently purchased the Security Alarm Pro and works well, with some glitches on linking Schlage Encode from the Alexa Key app.

My biggest issue is that, whenever the power goes off (I have been doing some house switch upgrades and flip the breaker that controls the modem), the system goes into cellular mode, burning data until I notice it’s off line. The steps necessary to get it re-sync with the modem after it comes on line are frustrating and only able to do while here at this second home. This includes a re-boot of the router and pressing the reset button quickly after disconnecting the power for 2+ minutes. Something creates a system issue once it flips over to cellular and does not want to come back. Spectrum is my internet service and I routinely pull down 425 to 500K download. So, when it works, it’s great. But, when it disconnects after a power outage of any type, it won’t re-connect. I am contemplating sending it back.

Spectrum is my internet service also. I have the same issues you do. When power comes back on the router should automatically reconnect but it does not. I had the original ring with a third-party router and never had any issues at all with the ring. I’ve been dealing with this issue for months and am getting very frustrated.