Is my Ring Pro dead? Can't seem to connect any more

A couple weeks ago, my Ring Pro unceremoniously quit responding. Once the new magic screwdriver arrived (don’t lose that thing! :smiley: )I was able to get the cover off to troubleshoot. It appears to have power, as I can enter setup mode. But no matter what I do, the Ring Pro fails with the audible “Setup did not complete. There seems to be a problem with your internet connection” feedback.

I’ve reset my wifi, and even hard reset the Ring Pro. I cannot seem to get past this last step. The WiFi password is confirmed correct, and everything else on my network works fine, including a stickup cam that is even further away from ant base stations.

Has my Ring Pro gone faulty?


TL;DR: It was DNS. (“It’s always DNS.”)

Seems my PiHole, which does primarily DNS for my LAN, was down; the container running it was stopped. :person_facepalming: I hadn’t noticed on other devices because everything else in the house seemed able to to use the secondary DNS server in the DHCP config. Apparently the Ring doorbell is not so forgiving.

Once DNS in my house was working again, the camera was able to be set up.

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Hi @jorn. Thanks for the update! I’m glad you got this figured out.

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