Is it really a "SECURITY" camera?!

Hello all. I bought a wireless outdoor security camera couple months ago and what a dissapointing product that is, the night vision especially:

Did/does anyone else have the same issue when camera turns humans into a translucent ghosts??

Here’s a vid

I should probably also mention that my wife doesn’t have any super powers and she cant turn transparent!

Whats the point of this “security” camera when you cant even identify a moving object… is it a human im seeing or…?? :sweat_smile:

So yeah, my cheap chinese camera works better than this premium garbage…

Does anyone have any ideas how i can fix this?

It would perform better if it was in black and white mode and not color. In a sense there’s too much light that is keeping it in color mode.

The only source of light is the camera light, so if the camera cant even handle its own flashlight, whats the point giving an option to record in colour :pensive:

Do you know how I can make it black and white? Their help section is not helpful as the option it tells to toggle doesn’t exist on the app?

Hi @gl0w. What is the RSSI for this device? Also, how high is it mounted? Try rebooting your router to see if it will improve the quality of the video.