Is it possible to turn the base station lights off when the system is alarming?

To me, it seems bad security practice to draw attention to the alarm controller during a break-in. If the intruder comes in my family room door, where the base station is, it seems easy for him to just smash the base station rather than guess the passcode in the 30 second wait period, especially since it’s blinking a red light, even though I’ve tried to hide it as well as possible. Even dimming the LEDs in setup doesn’t turn them completely off, and putting something on top of it would muffle the alarm sound. I was tempted to put it in a metal box and buy another siren, but there is no good place to do that and the add-on siren has been pre-set to be less than max volume and isn’t loud enough, so I’d rather not do it that way. Are there any other alternatives?

Any experienced burglar is going to know what a base station looks like and they won’t care because they know they have so many minutes before law enforcement MIGHT show up so they are just going to grab stuff and run.
All you can hope for is that they don’t know and are rookies at it and run off at the sound.
If you want an over the top alarm system then you’ll likely want to consult with an alarm company that caters to people with concerns like yours.
Alarm systems are nice, but don’t ever think they’ll protect your stuff 100%. If it scares someone off then its doing its job. I sure wouldn’t expect my house to become Fort Know because of a self-installed alarm system.

If you still think you have a valid product suggestion, then do it here ( Latest Products/Feature Request Board topics - Ring Community) so people can vote on it. If it garners enough votes one day Ring might consider it.

I’m going to presume you have professional monitoring. If so, I don’t think you need to worry about the visibility and possible tampering of the Base Unit. As soon as a entry delay is triggered the Ring servers are notified and will await the disarm. If the Base Unit doesn’t give the all clear then the system will be alarming, albeit silently on your end.

Hope that helps.

My humble opinion, and I am sure many security system owners and prospective owners share that opinion as well, is that the base station should not serve as the audio siren with flashing lights when the alarm is triggered.
Similarly, the keypad should have options to turn off the siren and/or the flashing lights when the alarm is triggered.
Instead, a loud indoor siren with strobe lights should be offered by Ring, with options to adjust its loudness and/or turn off the strobe lights if needed.

Maybe it is worth to mention here that many owners of the recommended by Ring existing indoor Dome Siren express their dissatisfaction from that product (not loud enough, disconnections from the base station).