Is it possible to make mechanical chime ring with Ring Doorbell Wired 2021?

Hello. I recently purchased Ring Doorbell Wired 2021 edition. I was able to successfully install it using a jumper cable. However, I now realize that my chime would not ring in this setup. This is an absolute no-go scenario in my situation. The old chime has to ring and digital chime is not an option. Is there something I can do with it (maybe with a second transformer or some other add-on)? Or my only option is to throw it to the trash and purchase another product? If so, would Ring Video Doorbell Pro work? Would hate to waste even more money…

Hi @user31476. The Video Doorbell Wired will not ring your internal chime kit. This is mentioned on the product page, though other retailers may not explicitly state this information, so I apologize for any confusion. The Video Doorbell Pro is also hardwired like the Doorbell Wired and it will ring compatible chime kits. Just make sure your transformer meets these requirements: 16-24 VAC, 40VA max, 50/60Hz. If you decide to go with the Doorbell Pro instead, I’d recommend checking with the retailer you originally purchased the Doorbell Wired from to see what their return or exchange policy is.

Gotcha, so to the garbage bin it goes. Now regarding you remark that “this is mentioned on the product page”… I have not complained and was constructive in my questioning, but since you decided to bring it up yourself and make excuses for some reason - I consider this to be a scam and I consider your company to be scammers. This is a basic functionality of a product. When I buy a soda I expect it to be drinkable, when I buy a firewood I expect it to burn, when I buy a doorbell I expect it to ring a chime. This is a clear and overt marketing plot to sell your digital chime or more expensive doorbell product. I am an engineer and I know for a fact that there is no intrinsic reason why it would not work except for consistent power suply issues that could be easily mitigated as you successfully do with Video Doorbell Pro. But whatever, you already scammed me out of my money and it’s my own fault for now being vigilant.

Now back to constructive questioning. Thank you for providing the compatibility list, but it is unfortunately not comprehensive. Is there some criteria I can use to check for compatibility? Can I expect it to work if my chime is powered through a typical 16V 40VA 60Hz AC transformer, or are there any other potential issues I need to be aware of?

@user31476 The list provided contains chimes that our teams have tested and confirmed if they work or not. If the chime kit you have is not listed, we cannot guarantee if it will or will not work as our teams haven’t tested it. Most intercom-style chime kits are likely to be incompatible, and very old chime kit models may not work.

I have the same situation where I would like my existing chime to work as well. I’ve tried it with and without the jumped installed and it makes no difference. What is the purpose of the jumper, it seem unnecessary?

Hi @brooksr1. If you have the Doorbell Wired, the Jumper Cable is used to have your Doorbell operate correctly.

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