Is it possible to install 2 security systems in my home?


Could you help me? I have 2 buildings on the same address. Would it be possible to install 2 security systems on my home address connected to the same ring protect plus subscription?


Hi @Jan76. You cannot set up multiple Base Stations for one location. If you setup a second Base Station the Ring app will force you to create a second location, and you would have to add another Ring Protect Plan since our plans are per location. This Help Center article has further information regarding the Ring Alarm System. I hope this helps.

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…I confirm that it is true, I’ve just bought a second base station and, when setting up, you must create a new location (and then subscribe a second protect plan). I could understand that this is maybe intended to avoid multiple users to share a protect plan, but, in this case, PLEASE ADD ZONES (feature request already sent!).
It’s a basic function for an alarm system…don’t you think?

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Hi Justin, Thanks for providing this answer. This is exactly what I need !