Is it normal that my Ring Doorbell's Wired LED light is permanently on (white)?

It draws unnecessary attention from my neighbors. Why is the LED permanently on (white color)?

It would be a great improvement if it could be turned off via the app instead of having to apply black tape or ink as a workaround. Also to be able to silence the annoying music emitted when the doorbell boots up.

Some Video Doorbell models will show a light around the front button. This is usually for wired models, or battery-powered Video Doorbells that are connected to wiring. When two way communication is enabled, this LED will often be blue to indicate it is in operation.

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I’ve not long installed my ring doorbell wired version (uk). I believe it’s the 2021 revision.

I note that it shows a continuous solid white light around the doorbell button. Having read the help topics, I’m aware that this means the doorbell is idle or recording. I live in a fairly high flow pedestrian area and my front door opens directly onto the pavement.

I’d rather not draw attention to my ring doorbell however this solid white light makes it stick out like a sore thumb. The last thing I want is for it to be removed by some over inebriated reveller on a Saturday night who may not notice it otherwise.

If there is anyway that this can be disabled, I’d be more than grateful if someone could let me know.

Many thanks.

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I have the same problem - is this going to be fixed by Ring ?