Is battery light intensity reduced on GEN2 keypads?

I had just purchased a Ring alarm kit (Gen1) just prior to the release of GEN2. I really enjoy it, other than the green keypad light is way to bright for the keypad in my bedroom. I am thinking of purchasing a GEN2 keypad to replace the gen1 for my bedroom. Is the light intensity of the battery status light reduced in the GEN2 keypad? Was this improved?

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Hey @BoilersFam. For the battery light, we have made some changes when it comes to how it indicates battery status. When off, there is plenty of battery power. Yellow means the battery is low, and Red means that the battery is very low. This light blinks green when charging. The intensity has also been slightly changed, but the behavior is a bit different. You can learn more about this in our Ring Help Center Article here.

Thank you for the feedback. Is there any way this would be planned as a firmware update on the GEN 1 keypads (so, green light is OFF when keypad has battery full and is plugged in). This light is EXTREMELY bright when plugged in.

Otherwise, is the only way around this to go to the GEN2 keypad? Thanks.

@BoilersFam If our teams are able to implement that feature to the Gen 1 Keypads, it would come to the Keypad in a firmware update. I will be honest and let you know that other neighbors have commented on the intensity of the Gen 1 Keypad’s battery light, as well as how it does not dismiss when fully charged. This is also feedback we have passed on from our neighbors to the appropriate teams, so they are aware of this concern. We have been unable to get an ETA of when and if this will be addressed, but just know our teams are aware! :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I have seem neighbors even try DIY tricks, like putting a small piece of electrical tape over the light, as the tape is thick enough to cover it completely in most cases. Otherwise, you would want to upgrade to the 2nd Gen Keypad! Feel free to share any DIY things you do with the Gen 1 if you explore that route, or how you like the 2nd Gen if you go that route. :smiley_cat: