Is a Delayed Recording Start Expected Behavior?

I am a first time Ring product user and I purchased a Ring Doorbell 2. I have it all set up and I’ve adjusted the motion sensitivity and the motion zones. I am currently running on battery power which I think limits recordings to roughly 30 seconds, which is fine.

The one thing that is FAR from ideal is the fact that my recordings seem to start halfway through the motion. For example, a delivery driver will enter the camera view - quickly walk up, drop a package and then walk away. My recording/playback starts when the delivery person is walking away, completely missing the important piece…the subject’s face and them walking up to my door.

This doesn’t seem to be a setting, this is extremely annoying, is this expected behavior? I anticipated a recording starting either slightly before or right at motion detection.

I hope this can be resolved! Thank you in advance!


Hiya @fordhamr! Do you mind letting us know what your current motion settings are set to? For example, what frequency as you under for motion frequency? How did you answer your questions for the motion wizard? Knowing this might help us dissect more of what is going on for you! In addition, I’m going to link some of our help articles that may just address your concern for you: Utilizing Motion Detection with your Ring Battery Devices and Understanding and Optimizing Motion Detection with Motion Frequency Please check them out! Hope to hear back soon. :smiley_cat:

No steps, not facing a street, 15-30 feet.

Frequency is set to “Standard”

Ill see if I can upload an example.

I was able to resolve this issue! I extended the range from 15-30 feet (mid range) to the 30+ feet (max) range and it seems to capture all of the activity from the moment they enter the picture! Wahoo!


I am experiencing the same problem. My Ring 2 doesn’t start recording until my postal carrier or other people have come onto my porch and have turned to walk away.

My porch is elevated. I added the mount to till the camera downward.

My camera faces the street, which is 30’+ ft away.

My motion is set to “standard”.

Please advise. Thanks.

Should I raise the Ring 2 mount position to a foot higher and decrease the motion range for “people” and “street”? My Ring 2 is mounted at a standard doorbell height.

Hey there! I was able to resolve this by simply adjusting the “motion frequency” to the highest, “frequent”

That instantly resolved the issue and I was capturing them walking up from then on!

Let us know if this helps you too! Good luck!

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Great. I will try it. Did this impact your battery life very much? My Ring 2 is not hardwired. Thanks so much!

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Hey there! I run on battery too and what I did from the start was ensure I had 2 batteries. One in the doorbell and one charging/charged up and ready to go. I make a point to plug it in as soon as I swap them so I never doubt if I charged it. Dedicated spot for my spare, next to an outlet.

Can’t say I noticed any difference because I had asked this a day or two after getting my ring and changed it and never looked back! It will really depend on how much foot/car traffic you have in front of your place and what zones you have enabled. I actually like to pickup the cars driving by along with the people and I live on a semi main neighborhood street and my battery lasts 2-3 weeks before needing swapped.

I’d highly recommend at least trying it and if it does ruin your battery life then consider changing some things. I disabled snapshot or whatever takes periodic pictures and stuff like that!

Good luck, hope this helps!

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Hey. Thanks for the tips. Funny enough, I actually ordered a second battery as soon as I ordered my Ring 2. I too keep one charged and at the ready.

I’ll try out those settings and see how it goes. So far, I’m now recording people just as they get a few feet from my steps instead of the recording starting after someone has already been on my porch.

Does anyone else with a couple steps find they need the angle mount or should I simply mount is flat? I’ve found that people’s heads/faces are not in view when they stand at my door with the angle mount.

I appreciate all the advice.

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Have you checked your “Motion Settings” the min-max slider?