Irish Phone number for support

I am having a problem reconnecting my ring chime. The ring setup network does not appear on my phone. I have tried another phone with same result. Also when it does not connect it returns to flashing blue. In addition the support number for Ireland does not work.

Hi @Teabags12. Sorry to hear about this experience. For the Irish phone number, be sure that you are calling from a landline, as a cell phone may not work depending out your cellular service.

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The problem is I do not have a landline. I think this is becoming more and more common.

Hi, I was able to use the worldwide number but only because I had international allowance on my mobile phone account. You might want to investigate an alternative option for those without a landline.

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Hey @Teabags12, thanks for the feedback. Iā€™m glad to hear you were able to get through to our support team. :slight_smile: