IR illumination

It would be good if the IR illumination was switched off when the cameras are set to motion off in the mode setting, as at night I get the red glow even thought the camera should not be active as I have set it to be disabled in the alarm camera mode settings. This would extend the life of the IR module as typically my camera are only on during the day when I am out of the house.

The Cameras are always active even if you have the motions settings off.
This isn’t going to noticeably extend the life of the IR lights by having them off.
If you have a feature request, then you should post it in the Feature Request forum ( Latest Products/Feature Request Board topics - Ring Community).
If your suggestion garners enough votes, then Ring Devs might consider it for a future release.

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Just seems pointless them being on, energy saving wise they should not be on when not required. I will post in the correct place now, thank you.